Los Angeles, CA – March 1, 2022. Top Cow Talent Hunt winner and co-creator of Jupiter Jet series and Science!: Ashley Victoria Robinson (“Love is Love”, “Apollo IX #1”, “Witchblade #175”), and Dunes Hunters artist: Emmanuelle Chateauneuf (“Queen Street”, “Princess Bunyi”), are a team of Canadian comic book creators who have teamed up to reimagine the first chapter of an all new comic book adventure. Aurora & the Eagle stars a young woman who is imbued with the power of the Northern Lights and must move from her homebase in Canada to the United States to fulfill her superheroic destiny!




Aurora and The Eagle #1 debuted on Kickstarter in 2019 as a 20 page black-and-white digital only issue. The initial story and support from the original campaign helped Robinson become a citizen of the United States. Now that Robinson holds dual American and Canadian citizenship she and the creative team are diving back into Aurora and The Eagle to explore the intersection of identity and superheroes. This “Remix” issue features the OG 20 pages redrawn by Chateauneuf, 28 new pages, for a prestige 48 page first chapter and sees Canadian superhero Aurora Borealis come into her own and perhaps surpass her American mentor, The Eagle.


Old meets new.

Aurora saves The Eagle?

You’ll have to read and find out!


“Aurora & the Eagle” asks the question what if the Justice League operated like the United Nations? Each country has superhero representative to keep the world in balance. When Canada’s rep, Ed Fitzgerald, dies under mysterious circumstances American vigilante, The Eagle, is forced to recruit Aurora, Canada’s premier superhero, and bring her back to The States to begin her training.

The campaign features script and portfolio reviews from Robinson – several comic book projects she has offered editorial notes on have successfully funded on Kickstarter themselves, including The Amazing Shakes #1 – Vampire Girlfriend), as well as the opportunity to have her as a Kickstarter Consultant. Robinson has spearhead 7 successful crowdfunding campaigns and wants to help you make your dream a reality. Additionally, character cameos are back on the menu. A backer from the previous campaign debuts in Aurora and the Eagle #1 Remix as an ally to The Eagle with a pretty intense fight scene.


She joined by equally impressive artists who have contributed their artistic talents to Aurora and the Eagle #1 Remix’s covers including internet superstar Sa Vu (Lightning Strikes), and prince of Kickstarter Conor Hughes (White Ash). Social Myth Studios (Nightwing, Action Comics), also returns on letters, and this campaign welcomes Alivon Ortiz (Squad Goals, Chaos Campus), to shed some colour on Aurora and The Eagle.

Perfect for readers of all ages, but especially those who love: Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Batgirls, and Voltron.

“Being able to revisit and expand Aurora’s story now is an absolute dream come true,” Robinson says, “From the first seed of the story I know there was going to be a big twist surrounding The Eagle that would push Aurora to her full power, the way I was pushed to embrace my emerging American identity. Now that we’ve had to time to Remix this issue I’ve finally been able to get to this reveal!”

Lucky for backers, Aurora & the Eagle #1 Remix is complete. Once the Kickstarter completes backers will be getting the premier look at this issue in a matter of months – barring an even worse paper shortage in this Covid-world.

The Kickstarter launches Tuesday, March 1st and will conclude in 30 days. www.auroraandtheeagle.com will take you directly to the campaign.

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