3 Most Popular Graphic Novels About College Life

Graphic novels have never got the love they truly deserved throughout their existence. They gained some traction among very specific circles. But they have never been ‘mainstream’. Their younger relative visual novels have been slightly more successful in that regard. But this type of creative expression is still far from being at the center of everyone’s attention. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Mostly hidden from the prying eyes of the general public, graphic novels allow their creators a greater degree of freedom. Ideas and experiments that would otherwise never see the light of day are brought to life. This culture is very different from what most people are used to. But at least checking it out is a journey worth making. For students, perhaps novels that incorporate a theme of college life would be a perfect place to start.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This graphic novel is the first on the list. You have probably heard its name at least once or twice in your life. Perhaps, you’ve seen the old animated series. Or maybe you’ve come acquainted with it through the recent Netflix adaptation. Whatever the case may be, this novel doesn’t really follow the mood set by those. Some of its aspects were seriously toned down when it was adapted for the general public.

The word ‘chilling’ is not put into its name just for show. The style of this novel and the atmosphere it creates can be truly disturbing in some instances. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. So if you are expecting a feel-good story about a young witch who is going through big changes – you are in for a surprise. Whether or not it is a good one is for you to decide.

At the very least, this read is going to be pretty suiting for the Halloween season. The theme of a new life and a big choice can reveal a lot of parallels with a student’s first step in college. And if you are a fan of this sort of horror-esque storytelling, this graphic novel will draw you in for a very long time. There is plenty of material to consume similar to ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ both theme- and atmosphere-wise.

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The character of Sabrina has seen plenty of love and representation in the media for whatever reason. The list of its adaptations is pretty long and varies greatly by genre.

  • Comics
  • Graphic novels
  • Comedy sitcoms
  • Animated TV series
  • Games

And, as reassured by the Netflix adaptation, the interest in this story persists to this day. And while the latest attempts might not be the most accurate or successful, chances are, there will be at least a couple of more iterations of this character in the future. And in the meanwhile, you can familiarize yourself with the older materials that have been accumulated through the years.

Anya’s Ghost

This one tones the creepiness down a notch. But it still fits the Halloween theme neatly. The story follows a young adult with pretty regular young adult problems. It starts off relatively light-hearted. But as the plot progresses, the mood of the novel begins to change little by little. It takes its time to hook the reader. But once it does, it is hard to stop turning the pages.

The atmosphere eventually creeps into ghost story territory. From scene to scene, the novel manages to efficiently balance horror, comedy, and drama very well. It’s an interesting mix that is somewhat similar to ‘Coraline’ animated movie (which by the way was also based on a graphic novel). And while it features a school, rather than a college, a student could find plenty of things to relate to in it.

Deadly Class

Following an already established darker theme of this top – ‘Deadly Class’ closes this list. Just like with the other novels, generic education problems an average student might be facing don’t really make up the bulk of the storyline. Why would they, it would make any fiction extremely boring. Instead, we concentrate on the personal life of the protagonists, where there is no shortage of drama.

The plot, the events that are driving it, and the characters are all absolutely insane. Their defining traits are cranked up to the maximum. As a result, you get an extremely grim universe where the protagonists can rarely catch a break. And while it’s not really what attending a real-world college feels like, students will find plenty of aspects to bond with the characters of this graphic novel over.

Final Words

Graphic novels make up a very interesting genre. One that has become a creative outlet for the most bizarre ideas. Ones that wouldn’t even exist if the graphic novels community abided by the rules of the general market. Among the representatives of this genre, you can find art in its purest unrefined form. Mostly untouched by the demands of editing and marketing.

It is not only a whole new and uncharted ground for a bored consumer. It is also a great place to look for inspiration. A lot of graphic novels directly connect the artist’s imagination to the real world however weird and/or unrefined the end result may be. And if you are brave enough, it is also a place to get feedback on your art. Because no matter how unconventional your novel looks, it won’t be rejected.

All in all, graphic novels (whether creating or reading) are a great hobby that any student can use to relieve some of the stress. Not everyone is going to enjoy traveling such weirdly presented worlds and so unconventionally crafted stories. But those that do enjoy a bit of creative chaos will find few communities that can provide so much quality reading material.

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