Happy Anniversary to us!

First Comics News started on October 18, 1998, on the Yahoo list server providing Super Hero News to comic fans. The service primarily distributes affiliate press releases. In April 2010, Super Hero News moved from the Yahoo list servers to its permanent home on the web as First Comics News, covering comics, gaming, wrestling, and related pop-culture topics. The site carries comics news, publisher solicitations, opinion columns, interviews, podcasts, and reviews.

Thank you for joining us, Al Nickerson, Alex Wright, Art Sippo, Barry Gregory, Ben Herman, Bill Black, Bob Almond, Buzz Dixon, Calvin Daniels, Chris Squires, Christopher Watts, Dærick Gröss Sr., Eric N. Bennett, Francis Garbut, Francis Sky, Giovanni Aria, Grant Offenberger, Holly Golightly, Howard Chaykin, J. C. Vaughn, Jamie Coville, Jeff Burton, Joeseph Simon, Joshua 1:9 Holley, Joshua Pantalleresco, Mark Davis, Mark Torres, Martin Boruta, Matthew Pulido, Matthew Szewczyk, Mike Bullock, Miguel Ortiz, Peter Breau, Phil Latter, Ric Croxton, Richard Vasseur, Rik Offenberger, Roland Mann, Ronald-Thomas Fleming, Scott McDaniel, Steven Butler, Tanya Tate, Tim Chizmar, and Wayne Hall

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