Club Nephilim: A New Series from the World of Mercy Sparx

What happens when a demonic black market brothel is overthrown by its own angelic workers? From Pat Shand & Josh Blaylock

From the mind of Josh Blaylock! Written by rising megastar Pat Shand! Club Nephilim exists in the seedy underbelly of the supernatural realm.

Cover by ENERJAX

Located within special pockets of the divine realms, Club Nephilim is a host to entities from Earth as well as Heaven, Hell, and the in-between realm of Sheol – home of the infamous Mercy Sparx!

For decades, mysterious twins, Lilin and Lilu have ruled the Club with an iron fist, but after a recent fall from grace, it is a new day, and their former servants can remake the club in a new image.

Where powerful elites can go to experience delights and debauchery unheard of to the the common person. Where those to whom money is no option can purchase arcane relics and enchanted artifacts with no questions asked.

Breakout new talent, Art Voyager and colorist Antonio Baldari bring us this incredible new, steamin’ hot cover series as a set of surprise unlocks. Available as add-ons or as a set!

Originally Appearing in Mercy Sparx Ongoing #4 (above)- Now in an all new series 

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