The positive pre-sale numbers on Superbabes #1- the debut issue of AC’s first all-digital-color ongoing series- has led us to move forward on our long-planned move into doing more full-color, standard-sized comic book series. To that end, AC Comics will be releasing 21ST CENTURIONS #1, from artist/writer (not to mention editor) Stephanie Heike as the premiere issue of a regular, ongoing quarterly series in November, 2019. This creator-owned concept will exist separately from the AC COMICS Universe, per se; but should have particular appeal to die-hard AC fans since it comes from the creative wellspring of AC’s dynamic Executive Editor, Stephanie S. Heike. What’s it all about? Pictutre yourself on an Earth not TOO different from our own. Most of the events throughout history have occured as we know them, up until a small cadre of super-powered defenders of justice appeared during the 1940’s. It has since been rebuilt into a gleaming, hi-tech, multi-level megalopolis, and various new technologies have begun to transform the world. Superheroes have grown up as well, and capes and tights have been changed out for expensive haircuts, trendy outfits and a careful eye on the media image. Costumed adventuers have become “big business”, and it’s time to introduce the new fall line. See a group of innocent, fresh-faced and oh-so-photogenic teenagers (Donna, Ariel, Seth, Toshi and Larry) groomed to use cutting-edge graphics that simulate super-powers to take on the mantle of fighting evil. But what is the REAL agenda of their camera-friendly mentor, Tribune; and what DARK SECRETS do he and his fellow paranormals harbor? Get on board with this special FIRST ISSUE and enter a world where Golden Age heroes meet Silver Age sensibilities in a near-future, post-punk Earth that MIGHT be closer to our reality than any of us care to admit. Be sure to tell your retailer to order 21ST CENTURIONS #1 from the September 2019 issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog, for items shipping in November. 21st Centurions #1- great superheroic action in FULL COLOR, digitally printed on glossy stock, for $5.95, from AC Comics.

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