2023 Canadian Price Variant (NEWSSTAND)Guide Released Online

The new 2023 edition of the free online guide caters to collectors interested in Canadian Price Variant (“CPV” newsstand comics from Marvel (10/1982-8/1986), DC (10/1982-9/1988), and other publishers. Back in 2010, historian and Senior Overstreet Advisor Jon McClure introduced the term “Type 1A” to describe this type of cover price variant, in his article “A History of Publisher Experimentation and Variant Comic Books” in The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #40. Collector interest in Type 1A Price Variant comics has continued to build since then, and Jon’s updated variant article was published in The Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics Sixth Edition in 2021.

In 2017, McClure, fellow Senior Overstreet Advisor Doug Sulipa, Overstreet Advisors Bill Alexander and Paul Clairmont, and historian Angelo Virone, in collaboration with Benjamin Nobel of the Rare Comics Blog, released the first edition of their CPV guide. In subsequent years, the team was joined by Tim Bildhauser, formerly with CBCS as their International Comics Specialist, and Conan Saunders, President at MyComicShop.com. This year, the team is joined by Jayden Mitchell, proprietor of CaptCan Comics, and Dr. Greg Holland, Overstreet Advisor and writer for GPAnalysis.

The new guide edition features original articles contributed by top Type 1A researchers in the hobby, with this year’s highlights including a look at Charlton CPVs by Stephen Cranch, an exploration of Beetlejuice CPVs by Salvatore Miceli, and a discussion of UKPVs by James Gilbreath. With new price guide articles by Doug Sulipa this year, the guide’s publisher coverage has expanded to include Harvey and Whitman CPVs. And with thanks to GPAnalysis for contributing their CPV sales data, a newly updated article by Greg Holland analyzes the recent marketplace sales of CGC-graded CPVs. In total, fourteen brand-new articles are presented this year.

Benjamin Nobel stated, “With over 5 million cumulative hits to date, interest in our online guide has been riding the larger wave of growing collector interest in newsstand comics. With CGC’s recent announcement that newsstand comics will now be officially recognized on their labels going forward, this can only build even more collector awareness about the US-published 1980’s cover price variant newsstand comics that exist out there, especially those in our guide’s Top 100 list.”

Together the collaboration team today announces the official release of their 6th guide edition, The 2023 CPV Price Guide for Canadian Price Variants (Type 1A), available to read without cost. It has been published online at cpvpriceguide.com.

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