Holly’s New Moon Reveal: Vampirella Enamel HUGE Pin

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Coming End of June-My Summer Kickstarter Project!: Eternal Desire

I am terrible at keeping gifts a secret…

and this project, is not only one that I hope Vampi fans will feel excited for- but it is a gift and a privilege for me to create! Thanks to Dynamite Comics, I have secured the rights to create T-shirts, Art Prints AND PINS, of my 2 Vampi illustrations I did for cover art for them. I wanted to do something different, fun…OH and I love collecting pins…so this GIANT 4″ hard enamel pin idea became my North star! She will be a framable piece…not intended to be worn, but displayed on the wall or however you wish. My hopes is that we do well enough to do a second ‘wearable’ size …2″ :fingers crossed:!!
Please follow me on Kickstarter Just Click Here. That’s Right, all this is for a Summer Kickstarter I’ll be launching… I am some nervous…This means soooo much to me- I thank you for joining me from the very beginning.
I will be created Original art as pledges, ADD ONs, (fingers crossed) for Stretch Goal prints, as well as offering my VampFire- my Comic that was directly inspired by my love of both Vampirella AND Barbarella ( the comic)… Will your support, I know this Kickstarter will be a Hauntingly Beautiful Gothic Daydream come true!

Follow my Kickstarter Page Here!

Below I’ll share pics: one of how BIG this pin will be- oh and an example of the glitter gold I’ve chosen for her jewelry…the Finished Premium Art Piece Coffin …AND a Red Metal Collectable Vampire Divination Coin ( it’ll be an ADD ON)
Please keep in touch- share the news- I do count on You to help make this Dream come True!

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one of a kind 18″ painted wood coffin…

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 8.10.37 AM
Look how BIG the pin will be!

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 8.11.49 AM
example of the gold glitter enamel for Vampi’s jewelry

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 7.47.57 AM

Let the Spirits of Dark Beauty Help you Decide…

If you have our Raven Coin- You’ll LOVE this one!

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Join me at Summer’s Beginning for the Beauty that Blooms in the Dark….

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