Count Draco Knuckleduster

A sinister celestial sorcerer who will stop at nothing to break an ancient curse and gain immortality must use magic and necromancy to track down a rogue assassin and a gifted young stowaway across an alien world.

The sequel to PHANTOM STARKILLER! The Curse of the Cryptocrystalline Stone continues! Follow the Cosmic Ghoul Warrior and young psychic, Acele Aerglo, as they embark on the next chapter of an adventure that will take them from the vastness of The Void to the depths of an aquatic moon crawling with fantastic creatures! This action-packed tale of sinister celestial sorcery continues behind the mask of the mysterious and malevolent Count Draco Knuckleduster! 

Writers: Peter Goral, Joseph Schmalke

Artist: Joseph Schmalke

Colors: Peter Goral

Letterer: DC Hopkins

Editor: Shawn French

“If you are gonna do something, do it well, and leave something Killer…” PETER GORAL

(W) Joseph Schmalke, Peter Goral (A/CA) Joseph Schmalke


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