Wayne’s Worlds: The Owl #1

There used to be an old joke that said if Adam West’s Batman came across Frank Miller’s version of the same character, he would try to arrest him since he seemed more like a villain than a hero!

That’s kind of what’s happening in the Dynamite Entertainment’s new The Owl, a pulp hero being rebooted for today’s readers by J.T. Krul and Heubert Khan Michael.

Here’s the description: ”Lost for fifty years in an ethereal limbo, the Owl has come back to find a violent and desperate world of strangers. The woman he loved is gone, but he remains determined to continue his fight for justice. Can the Owl withstand the challenges awaiting him… or will this new reality crush his body and spirit?”

Now, I guess it says how old I am that I actually read The Owl comics from Dell way back in the 1960s. Let’s face it … this was taking place when Batman was hot on ABC, and every comics company was attempting to develop their own “Caped Crusader.” There was money to be had in superhero comics, especially ones that had heroes resembling Batman.

That series didn’t last long, sadly, but it made a lasting impression on me. So when I saw news about the Owl and that Mr. Krul, one of my favorite comics writers, was scripting him, I was fascinated to check it out.

The first issue doesn’t in any way disappoint! In fact, it was a great kick-off to a tale about a “fish out of water,” with the Owl/Nick Terry, complete with new costume,  struggling to become part of the city he protected decades ago, attempting to live life again even without his mask on!

“With a character like the Owl, I get to explore the heart of a true hero whose greatest threat seems to be the soul of the entire world around him,” said Krul in a press release. “Nick Terry used to live in a golden age it seemed, but he now finds himself in our present day – and a world filled with greed, apathy, and utter desperation at every turn. It’s the mark of a true hero, staying true to one’s ideals when there is little hope to be found. In this story, he’ll see what his mission and legacy has become and it will scare him more than anything else.”

The Owl’s version of Robin used to be Owl Girl, and we see her initially in flashbacks. (By the way, seeing the old costume the Owl used to wear made me feel warm inside!) But Owl Girl appears, and she doesn’t ACT like Nick’s old partner, seemingly corrupted by the new reality. I have to know what’s up with that, so I’m planning on getting this book every month!

This is a powerful story of action and character drama not to be missed! Dynamite has been successfully reworking pulp heroes for the last few years, and The Owl to me is the best one yet! Be sure to get your copy this week as it hits the stands on Wednesday, July 3

If you’d like to find out more about this comic, find and “like” their Facebook page. You might also discover more at the Dynamite site, who publishes the book.

Check out one of two of the covers from issue one below:

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