Neurosurgeon by Day – Comic Book Creator by Night – Check out Dr. Zahos’ Newly Released Graphic Novel: The Adjacent

A Journey to Unleash Suppressed Memories Collides Against a Mysterious Machine

Deerfield Beach, FL – The fragmented identity of Jane Hinde leaves more questions than answers after her unexpected arrival in Nieuw Orange leads to a fight to save the universe. TriMark Press’ new and first-ever sci-fi graphic novel, The Adjacent, submerges readers into the vividly illustrated world of an alternate future.

The book tells the story of how, three years ago, a massive surge of energy radiated through the city of Nieuw Orange. The unconscious body of Jane Hinde was discovered by the Protectoraat. Now, working as a member of the organization, she becomes the central suspect connected to the sighting of invasive creatures called the Verslinder. As the world appears to cave in on Jane, a man who claims to be her husband urges her to find a device that could restore peace – that’s if she trusts in him.

The Adjacent is written by Dr. Peter Zahos, a full-time neurosurgeon based in New York. He is an avid graphic novel reader and a regular attendee at local comic book conventions. He discovered the journals of Nicholas Zacharias within a delinquent reprint of the eleventh edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. This book is based on the first of several entries.

The Adjacent
Author: Peter Zahos
ISBN: 978-1-943401-59-8
Price: $17.95

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