10 Tips To Help You Proofread Your Essay Like A Pro

Everyday communication may suffer from a few grammar errors or misspelling as long as we are talking to our friends and family. However, writing a professional essay is a whole new task that requires 100% correct text, without any errors or misspelling. So, how to proofread your essay properly? There are several things you should think of and in order not to forget a single one, we came up with this article. In this article, you will find 10 useful tips that help you to proofread your essay like a pro.

Stop writing and take a walk

One of the best proofreading tips is to stop with all the work once you write the essay, article or book. Your brain is simply overused and it needs some time to rest before it can spot the errors again. The website https://newyorkessays.com/essay-checker/ is one of the best free essay checkers to use. You should use it right after you are done with writing to spot the errors and plagiarism for you. The tool can also be used later once your brain calms down and becomes able to spot errors and misspellings. 

Print your content

Paper proofreading sometimes simply cannot be inspected enough if you do not print out your material. It is simply a matter of the brain, which cannot spot the errors as the paper has” psychological” effects. Any online checker may skip an error. However, once you print out the content, you will read it thoroughly, or give someone to inspect it to make sure there are no problems.

Work alone

Though we like to have a company while we are working, it is best to be alone when you are writing an essay. No matter what essay proofreader tool you use, it is very likely that you will fail to notice an error because of your communication. Plagiarism checker is a different story. But the mere grammar inspection is not possible while you are talking to someone.

Readout loud

This is also related to the previous step – try to read out loud everything you write to make sure you are checking every single line of your essay. Do not scream, “ I want someone it proofread my essay for free,” as it is something you need to do by yourself. No one else knows you better. You inspect the style of the message and text you write, and you will easily notice if something is wrong.

Make sure to check the whole paragraph

If you are still thinking about how to proofread an essay without a corrector, here is the best tip you can get. Every time you make a change in your essay, be sure to go back at the beginning of the paragraph and start reading it again from the start. Read it out loud. This is the perfect system to eliminate the “regression” errors that might slip off hidden, just because you have not read the whole paragraph.

Hire someone to read it

Yes, do pay someone to proofread your essay, not because you are not capable of such thing but rather because it increases the chances of finding an error. We are sometimes distracted by something and we fail to notice something. It is the same with essay writing. Make sure you find an experienced and reliable proofreader who can accomplish this task.

Split your essay into parts

You are maybe frightened by the fact that you need to read a 5-page long essay just to spot errors and mistakes. Still, this does not mean you have to check the whole essay in one shot. Instead, split it into groups. If it has 5,000 words, you might want to split it into 5 equal parts where you can accomplish several parts, connect them and do the rest later.

Read it backward

This may seem odd, but it actually works, especially in the long essays. Our brain, as we read a sentence by sentence, stops working as everything “is the same”. Or not, maybe. When you read backward, from the last sentence to the first one, your brain will keep an eye on errors more than when you read normally.

Check the sentences right after you write it

This might not be an appropriate technique, but some people use it. Once you are done with the sentence, you start checking it and searching for any possible error. Though not convenient, it cuts down the time for inspection. Instead of checking at the end, you check right after you finish your sentence/paragraph.

Look for words you often misspell

Each of us has some words that are not sure how to write and spell them. For this reason, consider inspecting all “odd” words that you are not confident with and that you are not sure how to write them. You will save a lot of time. Plus, you will know which words are problematic so you could learn them and improve your language.

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