10 Superhero Pets from Marvel and DC Worlds

An imperfect world heavily needs superheroes who can strike a balance between good and evil. However, sometimes even they cannot do without a little help. And who can become a better helper than a faithful four-legged friend? So, it is not surprising that some superheroes from Marvel and DC universes have got pets. Some of them look more like dangerous predators than fluffy cute animals, but they have taken a special place in their owners’ lives. And even though the latter will hardly read a halo cat food review and do things common for ordinary people, they do their best to take care of their four-legged friends. So, what are the most famous superhero pets you can come across?

Aquaman’s Animals

Let’s start with the “richest” superhero in terms of pets. Aquaman can boast of a whole army of animals. And since the very superhero can breathe underwater, all his pets are sea creatures. Thus, one of his pets is Aquadog that resembles a Golden Retriever. Another one is Storm, a seahorse that helps the main hero get to the battlefield on time. Topo is an octopus that sometimes participates in the battles or serves as a babysitter. And it is not the whole list of animals, especially if you take the children’s series Tiny Titans.

Superman’s dog, Krypto

A white dog of an unknown breed is Superman’s best friend since childhood. His father used the dog to test an aircraft that later transported the future superhero from the planet Krypton to Earth. The dog is as strong, fast, smart and hardy as the owner. However, it surpasses him in supervision, super hearing and scent. The dog is the protagonist of the self-titled animated series.

Bruce Wayne’s dog, Ace

According to the 1955 comic book version, Ace is a German Shepherd dog found by Batman after its owner, John Wilker, was kidnapped by criminals. Ace is a strong, trained dog that became Batman’s pet. According to another version, the Joker was the dog’s first owner, and Alfred, Batman’s butler, had a tough time before Ace began to obey anyone.

Arsenik’s dinosaur, Old Lace

A dinosaur was genetically modified in the 87th century for the time-travelling supervillains Dale and Stacy Yorkes. Old Lace was a gift to their daughter, Gertrude, known as Arsenik, who later ordered the sharp-toothed pet to attack mom and dad. Nothing is surprising in such an order since the plot of the story is built around adolescents’ confrontation with their parents-criminals with supernormal abilities. By the way, Old Lace still refused to obey since it was created so that it could not harm Gertrude and her closest relatives.

Inhumans’ dog, Lockjaw

A giant bulldog with an antenna sticking out of its head has the super ability to teleport itself and other heroes to any place even when it comes to different dimensions. Another feature of this dog is the extra strong jaws, so the best wet puppy food is not the only suitable option. And it seems it has got its name for a reason. Lockjaw is a smart and cheerful dog, one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Universe. Leader of the Avenger Pet team was born on the island of Attilan. It faithfully serves the Inhuman royal family.

Falcon’s bird, Redwing

Redwing is presumably a kestrel. It has a telepathic connection with the owner, Sam Wilson, nicknamed Falcon, who bought it in Rio de Janeiro. Falcon taught Redwing the searching skills, and now it helps them with Captain America in various situations. By the way, later Wilson finds out that he can see the world through the eyes of other birds and communicate with them in English at a distance.

Shadowcat’s dragon, Lockheed

A feline-sized purple dragon has saved Kitty Pryde’s life from X-Men more than once. Lockheed is a highly developed and brave member of its race, not susceptible to telepathy. It can understand human speech and even speak English, although it rarely uses this ability. It has sharp claws and fangs, and it also knows how to blow fire and smoke. Once it teamed up with other Avenger pets in search of the Infinity Stones.

Hawkeye’s dog, Lucky

The bandits from Eastern Europe called their dog Arrow. When the latter rescued the superhero, Hawkeye, who had been kind with it, the owners beat and abandoned the pet, forever depriving it of the opportunity to see with its left eye. Hawkeye did not leave the dog but gave it a new nickname, Lucky. This dog has no superpowers, but a very unusual, experimental issue of the Hawkeye comic book has been dedicated to it. The creators decided to show the world from the dog’s point of view with diagrams and pictograms, and almost without dialogues.

Supergirl’s horse, Comet

It is an ultra-fast flying horse with iron hooves, capable of telepathy and telekinesis. First, it seems that it has appeared out of nowhere. Still, later it turns out that Comet is an ancient Greek centaur, mistakenly transformed by Circe into a horse and endowed with superpowers, including immortality.

Wonder Woman’s kangaroo, Jumpa

In the DC Universe, kangaroos, or kangas, are alien creatures transported to Paradise Island by a tribe of Amazons who called themselves the Star Riders of Nebulose. The Amazons living on Themyscira used kangaroos as horses, that is, for movement, entertainment and sports. The kangaroo of the local princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman, is called Jumpa.

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