Two Gargoyles Comics Releases its First Comic of 2023

Diaperman Meets Milk Cover
Diaperman Meets Milk #1 Cover

DIAPERMAN MEETS MILK, a brand-new Diaperman story featuring a crossover with Jeremy Thew’s Milk character, will launch its Kickstarter at the end of January 2023!

On hiatus since 2009, Diaperman is ready to spring back into action at the hands of writer /letterer Michael McAdam and artist Jeremy Thew! This double-sized, 48-page crossover issue introduces Jeremy’s Milk character, a buxom blonde heroine with the powers of lactokinesis, and it’s a recipe for hilarity as Diaperman and Sleepers team up with her to fight the evils of Ninja Tina, Fatman, The Seaman, and the powerful demon brothers Argrax and Aermus.

“Holy Homogenized! She shoots milk from her lady pillows!” –Sleepers

Two Gargoyles Comics is brought to you by Michael McAdam, writer, and publisher. Twogargs is a rainbow of fun comics across genres! Superheroes, Horror, Noir, LGBTQ+, Twogargs is always creating more, contributing to the Canadian Indie Comics scene. Nominated for “Best Comic” by Sequential Magazine in 2020 for Spectrum #2.

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