The Entertaining Coupe de France

The Ligue 1 from France is a very entertaining football competition. The online sports betting available with 1xBet also features its matches.

However, in addition to Ligue 1, the 2nd tournament of importance in French football is the Coupe de France, which has a unique charm of its own.

Let’s start with some history. 1917 was a difficult year for France and the rest of Europe. Speaking about Europe, there is also online sports betting available with the 1xBet platform on its football competitions too.

However, at that moment, Charles Simon, who was the head of French football at the time decided to create a brand-new competition. That’s how the Coupe de France came into existence.

A tournament where anybody can participate

What makes this cup special is that it’s a free-for-all. That’s another great reason to place your line bet – has the best football competitions from France too.

Anyone can enter, this includes the big dogs of Ligue 1 to the local neighborhood team. It’s like the ultimate football party where every club gets an invite. This open-door policy sets the stage for some seriously epic David vs. Goliath showdowns. Whenever these matches are played, don’t forget to place your line bet by going to the 1xBet platform.

Every squad also plays only 1 match per round. In other words, every team is only 1 loss away from the end of their Cup journey.

Claiming glory

In the competition there are small teams from regional leagues going up against the giants of French football. And sometimes they pull off these jaw-dropping upsets. The application 1xBet download iOS also allows you to wager on all teams that participate in this competition too.

Also, think of the Coupe de France as a road trip where every team dreams of reaching the final destination, which is the Stade de France. It’s not just about winning; it’s about the journey, the battles fought, and the stories created along the way. The semifinals and the grand final at the iconic Stade de France become these magical moments etched in football history. By the way, some of the most winning teams of the tournament as of 2024 are:

  • PSG with 14 titles;
  • Marseille with 10 titles;
  • and Saint-Étienne and Lille, each one with 6 titles.

Winning the Coupe de France isn’t just about hoisting a trophy; it’s a ticket to the UEFA Europa League. For smaller clubs, it’s a chance to get noticed nationally and rub shoulders with the best in European football. The big dogs fight for the title, but everyone dreams big in the Coupe de France, which has been entertaining us for more than 100 years. The 1xBet iOS application can always be downloaded to wager on French football.

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