Rohit Raju

A 37-year-old from Michigan with roots in India, Raju has also wrestled under the name Hakim Zane & Mad Dragon.

He wrestles on the indies primarily around Michigan and Ontario. He’s previously wrestled under the name Hakim Zane on Impact.

Vikas Kumar

Kumar is a guy they picked up during the Ring Ka King project several years back. He also competed during the Impact tapings from Mumbai. Little record of him wrestling outside of India is available.

Kumar had this to say about his decision to leave India:

“I am anxious to leave my homeland to pursue this wonderful opportunity in North America and to make an impact on the pro wrestling industry,” Kumar said. “To leave India is a huge step but wrestling has been in my blood since childhood and I’m beyond thrilled to be alongside a legend in Gama Singh.”

Gursinder Singh

Born in England and raised in Australia, Gursinder’s parents are from Pakistan. When it was time to begin his training, Gursinder moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada to train with Lance Storm, who happens to be the co-host of a podcast with Impact Vice President, Don Callis.

Bhupinder Singh

A 23-year-old trained out of the Great Khali’s school in India, Bhupinder was a bodybuilder before getting into the world of professional wrestling. He also has a background in competitive kickboxing. Comics NewsNewsWrestling News
As part of our commitment to showcasing the most promising Indian performers, a new stable known as Desi Hit Squad led by the legendary @GR8GamaSingh will debut on IMPACT in the coming months. FULL DETAILS: — IMPACT (@IMPACTWRESTLING) January 30, 2018 Rohit Raju A 37-year-old from Michigan with roots in India,...