SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: The Dark Knight Returns – An Epic Fan film

Adapted from Issue #1 of Frank Miller’s seminal 1986 comic series, filmmaker Wyatt Weed (“Shadowland,” “Four Color Eulogy”) offers his unofficial fan’s take on the Batman mythos. Following the death of Robin at the hands of the Joker, Bruce Wayne (Weed) hung up the cowl and cape 10 years ago. But now Gotham City is in the grip of a violent crime wave, and the venerable 55-year-old billionaire has to decide if the time is right for the Caped Crusader’s return.

The Dark Knight Returns filmed for 24 days over a 17-month period from June of 2015 through October of 2016. Shot on a shoestring budget of $2500, it features locations in and around the St. Louis metro area.

This production is non-profit and is for entertainment purposes only. The production is in no way associated with DC Comics or Time Warner.

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Main Cast:

Bruce Wayne/Batman – Wyatt Weed
Jim Gordon – Rick McGougan
Alfred Pennyworth – John Contini
Bill – John Reidy
Dave – Robert Lee Davis
Carol Ferris – Taylor Pietz
Ellen Yindell – Amber Eslow Winingham
Spike – Bill Finkbiner
Victim – Catherine Dudley-Rose
Psycho Killer – Mike Dowdy
Silk – Reggie Reese
Joannie – Bryanna Gilomen
Young Bruce Wayne – Liam Gallagher
Taxi Driver – Jason Contini
Carrie Kelley – Ava Osthus
Michelle – Maya Tunstall
Sean Lee Smith – Spud
Roc – Brock Roberts
Don – Oliver Sparton
Rob – Sebastian Lee
Keith – Keith Nussbaum
Murray – Nate Nguepsi
Joe – Joe Hammerstone
Brian – Skully Shemwell
Rookie – Kevin Eaton
Bullock – Nicholas J. Hearne
Dr. Wolper – Kent Martin
Dr. Willing – Christopher Bruemmer
Joker – Carlos Antonio León

Associate Producer
Gayle Gallagher

Lead Grip/Gaffer
Robert Clark

Kevin MacLeod​

A Pirate Pictures Production

Panasonic AF-100
Panasonic Varicam
Sony PMW-300
GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Final Cut 7

Practical miniatures
Photoshop, Final Cut composites, real photo elements

Batman Costume:
Cowl – custom sculpted, molded, and cast in latex

Chest logo – created in Photoshop and laser-printed onto iron-on sheets

Cape – custom made, fabric from Jo Ann

Boots – painted “Super Hero” boots, commercially available online

Gloves – blue leather fencing gauntlets with extra vinyl cuffs and custom latex spikes added

Utility belt – custom sculpted pouches cast in latex attached to a white web belt dyed yellow

Body suit – gray Starter brand compression pants and shirt, with dark blue bikini underwear

All pieces painted with Liquitex Basics phthalocyanine blue, from Hobby Lobby. Paint was selected first, then cape and trunks were matched to paint. Chest logo was created first, then utility belt was painted to match, using Liquitex cadmium yellow medium.
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