SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Temporal Anomaly – A Star Trek Fan Production (Part 1) (2019)

*** Temporal Anomaly has a custom arrangement with CBS which allows for its release with its longer run time. This project was started in 2013 and created long before the fan film guidelines, to allow its release we got a separate arrangement with CBS***

It’s finally here! Originally backed on Kickstarter in March 2013 this project has evolved year upon year. From using antiquated video game engines for the space visual effects and green screen sets, to spending hundreds of hours learning the very same VFX software they made the space effects in Voyager/Enterprise/DS9. Its been a wonderful journey and i’m so proud if its final result…truly a quality that I could never have dreamed possible back in 2013!

With a wonderful cast of actors, Temporal Anomaly is a love letter to all of Star trek! The first fan film to combine all of the eras into one project.

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