SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Star Trek – The Equinox Effect

Data must correct the timeline before the Federation is lost and the Borg take over. This story features The Guardian of Forever that was originally introduced in Season one of Star Trek, “City on the Edge of Forever” and will surely be a favorite watch for time-travel buffs. This film crosses many Star Trek franchises including the original series, the Next Generation and Voyager. The story was originally written by Camren T. Burton for a proposed Star Trek television pilot series starring John Savage as captain Rudy Ransom, who appeared in the Star Trek Voyager episode, “Equinox”. This new series was to also include Gary Lockwood from the original Star Trek second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. The pilot failed but the shelved-footage caught the attention of Glen L. Wolfe who acquired the rights and re-wrote the story that is featured in this final production. For those Star Trek fans who love hidden Easter Eggs, play close attention and you’ll discover them throughout the film. Including some screen time from one animated Star Trek character.

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