SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Kestis: A Jedi Survivor Story

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Three years after the events of The Foretelling: A Jedi Fallen Order Story, the action-packed sci-fi drama stars Wesley Hamilton as Cal Kestis, a Jedi Knight struggling to both serve and survive in a polarizing galaxy oppressed by the Galactic Empire. When a conflicted Jedi-Mandalorian (Rufus Baker Jr) seeks help from the clutches of an Inquisitor calling himself Galen Marek (Jack Heckler), Cal Kestis must decide who he must become to survive the day.

This is NOT a monetized production affiliated with Disney, EA, or Lucasfilm LTD.

Directed, Written & Produced by
Zach Golden

Based on EA’s “Jedi: Fallen Order” & “Jedi: Survivor”

Wesley Hamilton
Rufus Baker Jr.
Rachel Molina
Jack Heckler
Nicholas CGS props
Davon White
Zach Golden
Todd Golden
Eli Richards
Jaxson Dev
Dominic Fabrizio
Caleb Allan
Alexis Baca
Kal Richmond


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