SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: JOKER RISING 2: The Clown Prince – Feature Length DC Joker Fan Film

The FULL LENGTH, non profit SEQUEL to Joker Rising. This is a gritty R rated take on the DC universe bringing you into the underbelly of Gotham as the cops, criminals and Batman himself struggle to deal with a new threat- THE JOKER.
Filmed in 9 days with a budget of under 3 grand in San Bernardino California- this film is attempting to take DC Fan films to the next level and give you a Batman vs Joker story unlike any other. Thank you. Enjoy the film and comment bellow.

Dylan Hobbs as the Joker
Chris Moss as Harvey Dent
Guy Nardulli as Batman
Manuel Eduardo Ramirez as James Gordon
Dominique Marsell as Riddles

Produced By
Alek Gearhart
Manuel Eduardo Ramirez
Dylan Hobbs
Gabriel Lane

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