SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: “Confrontations” — a Star Trek fan production

Commander Janice Rand, now executive officer aboard the starship Triton to Commodore Alwine, is settling down with her Triton shipmates, some old friends, some new, and some new enemies.

Starring Pam Shurett as Commander Janice Rand, Lezlie Sawyer as Commander Norma Lorian, Ann Elliott Drew as Doctor Christine Chapel, Kyle Paul as Commander Boris Lojur, and Shelton E. Walker as Commodore Eugene Alwine. Featuring David Carroll as Tactical Chief Duffy, Taylor Hudson as Security Chief Rustikof, Austin Redmayne as Chief Engineer Gris, Robert Ruszkowski as Comm Officer T’Numok, and Cheryl Sahawneh as Navigator Trinsis.

Written by Liz Knauel. Directed by Randall Landers. Music by Steve Gallant. VFX by Ross Trowbridge. Assistant Producer Lee Drew. Associate Producer Webmaster Michael Day. Co-Producer Tuck Stevens. Co-Executive Producer Rick Foxx. Executive Producer Randall Landers.

Tr03 – from the Starship Triton creative group
Produced by Potemkin Pictures

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