SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Battle of the Bat-Family || Batman Fan Film

Awakening in an unknown environment, the renowned Bat-Family will soon come to realises their perplexing situation is only the beginning of a dastardly, maniacal scheme of one equally manic Clown Prince of Crime…

Nightwing – Tommi Krasic
Red Hood – Tonino Luketic
Robin – Tyson Cooke
Red Robin – Erik Osterlund
Batgirl – Jaime Unmack
V.O. Batgirl – April Joseph
Joker – William Bakker
V.O. Joker – Tommi Krasic
Thug #1 (Ricky)/Thug #3 – Hunter Harvey
Thug #2 – Antoni Opacak
Thug #4 – Daniel Foster

Director / D.O.P / Producer / Costume Artist / Editor – Tommi Krasic
Producer / Camera Operator – Robert Juric
Camera Operator – Erik Osterlund
Gaffer – Peter Cooke
Best Boy – Tonino Luketic
Grip – Hunter Harvey

Battle of the Bat-Family has been a dream come to produce, and could not have been accomplished without the amazing cast and crew who gave their all when times got challenging. Thank you to those at Distillery Logistics for providing us with the primary location over several days, and finally thanks to everyone for their support throughout this gruelling process. Nonetheless hope you enjoy the film as much as I enjoyed making it…

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