SUNDAY SUPER CINEMA: Batman Terror of Arkham

Set 2 years after ‘Batman: The Shattered Cowl’, Bruce Wayne has grown in strength, intelligence and numbers, with the trust of the GCPD, But a new threat looms over Gotham City. The growing threats in Gotham are causing Bruce to question if The Batman is truly needed in Gotham, however this question is put to the side when mysteriously, Arkham Asylum’s security system is shut down. With the promise of danger to Gotham, only one person can stop the individual responsible for this chaos… The Batman.

Jonathon Glickman – Bruce Wayne / Batman
Carl Dobson – Commissioner Gordon
Tom Churchill – Dr. Jonathon Crane / Scarecrow
Matthew Fordy – The Joker
Jack Roberts – Clinton
Danny Childs – Thomas Elliot
Bex Jones – Dr. Harleen Quinzell
Jasmine Cooper – Diana Prince
Brian Clarke Brian Clarke – Quincy Sharp

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