RICH INTERVIEWS: Madison Horcher Actress for Mail Order Monster

First Comics News: What is it about acting that you enjoy the most?

Madison Horcher: What I love about acting is being able to tap into different characters and become a whole different person.
Being an actress also allows me to make new friends and travel all around the world.

1stYou play Sam Pepper in “Mail Order Monster” what about her did you most like?

Madison: Even though she has been through a lot in her life, I love how she stays creative and carefree.

1st: What did you think the first time you saw the robot?

Madison: When I first saw the robot, I was amazed by the intricate details and the effects that it possessed.

1st: Did you have to treat the robot like it was a person?

Madison: At first I made it do all of my chores, but then Sam realized the relationship with her and M.O.M was much more than that.

1stHow did you find working with Charisma Carpenter?

Madison: Working with Charisma was super fun. She is an amazing actress, so it was very easy to connect with during each scene. 

1st: Have you ever had to face bullies in your life?

Madison: I have had to face bullies in my life, but my family and friends were always there. That’s why if you are going through something like this, then always remember that someone is always there for you. 

1st: Have you taken any acting classes if so where and when?

Madison: I have taken a variety of acting classes, but currently I am taking Andrew Magarian’s class every Thursday night. 

1st: Are you involved in any other arts such as singing or dancing?

Madison: I love to draw and play the piano, as well as sing and dance.

1st: What part did you play in “Adventures In Babysitting” would you like to do a part two of this movie?

Madison: I played Aj Anderson the roller derby girl. The cast was amazing and so fun to work with. I would so much love to do a part two. 

1st: How has being an actress affected your home life?

Madison: Acting has always been a part of my family, so it feels somewhat normal to be constantly surrounded by it.

1st: Would you like to have a robot servant if so how would you use it?

Madison: I would love to have one because I would make it do my chores and become my personal photographer.

1stDoes acting impact your schooling?

Madison: Since I am homeschooled, it does not affect me. If anything, it makes juggling my business schedule easier.

1stWhat do you like to do for fun when your not working or in school?

Madison: As I said before, I love to draw and play the piano because they both help me express my creativity. 

1stWhat do you have to say to all those who enjoy watching you act?

Madison: I want to say thank you and I love you guys for always supporting me. Stay tuned for more!

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