So—this is MY column and I can say pretty much whatever the fuck I want.

Always have.


The last few weeks have been crazy.

Had to leave MI.

Couldn’t do it anymore.

The four friends I had all winter wore me the fuck out.

I mean—love them to death—but, fuck…




Rik emailed me Dec. about paneling at WonderCon 2018.

I mean, it’s a big deal for us, and wanted to do an amazing panel—as these peoples also own SDCC—and, the last few years of approval waiting have been worrisome being a small press panel as SDCC grows more towards entertainment and away from comics.

Knew I probably wasn’t going to be able to make it but had him put me on the list just in case.

And—certainly tried.

Spent most of my second to last paycheck to catch a Greyhound to Austin two (2) weeks ago, today…

Had a jobby within 7 days.

Worked 48 hours this week.

Have an interview in fine dining Wed.

Suppose to be paneling Sat.

Don’t get paid until Friday.

I’m flat fucking broke.

Today is Monday.

Can’t afford the plane ticket.

Already paid the hostel—so out $100.


I’m annoyed.



It’s fine…

Everything is fine…

I’m fine.

(This is my montra, if you haven’t noticed… I say it to myself until it’s true)

So, I’m not going to Anaheim.

I’m not paneling.

I failed.

But—it’s fine.

Getting stable here is more important…

I fucking guess.

I’ve been neglecting my regular life.

Which has then impeded on real life—con life.

I like Austin.

Pretty much everyone I work with has tattooes.

And—I came at a good time.

SXSW is this week.

A 10 day music fest in the city.

Except, some asshole has been going around placing package bombs on people’s doorsteps.



But—two (2) dishwashers  quit at my work last week, so it was easy for them to hire me.

Also; pretty sure my boss loves me, now.

Though, they generally do.

I’m awesome.


There’s really nothing I can’t do.

I’m a doer.

It’s what I do.


Was also approved “volunteer” for WOZ SQUAD at Silicon Valley Comic Con— quotations because they pay—in two (2) weeks.

Pretty sure I bust my ass hard enough until then, it’s totally reasonable to go.

Might lose one or more jobs in the process but whatevs.

I’ll have the money to pull it off.

Plus, this will be my third official comic con related paying gig.

Kind of a big deal.

We’ll see what happens.

I need to pay rent.

I need to eat.

And—let’s be real—I do have vices.

Plus—I like to be… comfortable.

AKA I’m expensive.

Honestly—most of my money goes to tipping, when out—and, I like to go out.

Minimum 30%

Usually higher.

My way of giving back to my community.

Sometimes it’s funny to watch their faces.

Not many things are enjoyable to me.

Sociopath, remember?

Well always said I was just a fangirl of myself.

I don’t really like things, just myself with things XD

He still cracks me the fuck up—and, we haven’t spoken in 8 months.

I’m still sad.

I don’t want to be sad anymore.

But, like, how are you suppose to move on and be okay when you literally can still hear the person in your head?

Just moving forward.

Several friends have urged me to date—that I’m just punishing myself in sorrow.

Gotten in fights/arguments with guys about not dating/sleeping with them—I’m selfish and shallow, apparently.

But, like—aren’t I doing them a favor?

Like—it wouldn’t be fair.

I’m clearly not okay.


Humans are weird.

Keeping myself busy.

As I’ve said before 9gag saves my life.

Also, have become super addicted to LinkedIn XD


A game on my STEAM wishlist was on sale for 1.99 so I bought it.

Q.U.B.E: Director’s cut.

It’s decent—portal is better—played through the first 3 areas before going brain dead and needing to stop.

Picked it back up 2 days ago and all progress lost.


Haven’t had the emotional fortitude to start again.

Downloaded 4 new mobile games—three of them are gone already—kept Sims.

But—I might delete it soon—because, I’m starting to feel like a creep:


Did a review on I HATE FAIRYLAND, December.

Interviewed Skottie Young Last month:

Read issues 11-16 on the bus…

And—luster is already gone.

Most of them were, essentially, filler.


Some stories need to have endings.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the character and the world.

But, it had an ending—and ended—and, then got rerouted into a running title without cohesion.

Maybe it will take him a few early issues to get to a decent story arc going.

I mean, it is new.

But—he’s got, like, three other new books coming out—we’ll see if IHF gets the love it will need.

Just spent the last 30 mins coming up with a logo as feature image so came up with something quick because Rik won’t let me post without one—I tried—once.

Not exactly what I would have expected from me—and, looks cheap as fuck—but, I dig it.

Today is my day off.

I’m hungry.


K. Done—byee!



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So—this is MY column and I can say pretty much whatever the fuck I want. Always have. And—have. The last few weeks have been crazy. Had to leave MI. Couldn't do it anymore. The four friends I had all winter wore me the fuck out. I mean—love them to death—but, fuck... I'M. A. SOCIOPATH. AND. CAN. ONLY. TAKE....