(Blackest Night: Issue 6)
Nekron is here and He wants to cover the Universe in darkness, But he has to beat The Flash and the other Heroes of Earth to do it. What is he going to do. Once you find out it will kill you. Will the heroes stop this him and where are the other colored Lanterns? See Blackest Night Issue 6 to find out. The biggest Issue yet this year,What happens in this Issue will Change the game for both sides. Light vs Darkness.

Neodevilbane as Nekron
Deadpoolandfriends as The Flash…
Tallestsilver as Scar and Wonder Woman…
Boxintypex as Superman
Zinnycat1597 as Star Sapphire
oscarnjboy as Lex and Ganthet
koboldlord as Atom Smasher and Black Lantern Dr. Fate

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