(W) Eric Dobson (A) Matt Frank (A) Chris Scalf
American Mythology Dark is back with a brand new chapter in the bombastic sci-fi horror tale Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs! Cade and Smith have been transported through a portal into a strange and deadly new realm. Now these unlikely allies need to get back to their own world, despite being hunted by ferocious Werewolves and Dinosaurs. And their temporary reprieve from danger is an illusion. The mysterious Trench and his cowboy mercenaries are still tracking them and they are on the cusp of being caught in a horror free-for-all between Werewolves, Dinosaurs, and the legendary Yeti! 2016’s surprise over-the-top sci-fi and monster mash up is back with even more unpredictable twists and turns!
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $3.99


zombie-proof-tp-vol-01ZOMBIE PROOF TP VOL 01
(W) J. C. Vaughn (A/CA) Vincent Spencer
For 20 years Billy Bob Driwahl has known they were coming. His only mistake was letting people find out he knew. Now the people who ostracized him for two decades have turned to him to save them. Can he do it? And what about the zombie Chihuahuas? At the end of the world, the zombie proofing business is thriving. Collects the original three issue mini-series, the one-shot, and more.
In Shops: Sep 14, 2016
SRP: $19.99


stargate-atlantis-back-to-pegasus-1-flashback-photoSTARGATE ATLANTIS BACK TO PEGASUS #1 FLASHBACK PHOTO CVR SIG
(W) J. C. Vaughn, Mark L. Haynes (A) Greg LaRocque (CA) Photo
Signed by writer and co-architect of the Stargate Atlantis comics, J.C. Vaughn! Limited to 100 copies! Allocations may occur.
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $19.99



(W) S.A. Check, Adrian Ropp (A) Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp
It’s a blizzard outside! But this isn’t a whiteout; it’s a “pinkout!” We’re home from school today and scaring up some winter fun with everyone’s favorite Pink Panther. How much trouble can your favorite cool cat get into on a snowy day? Whether it’s dumping The Little Man in a frozen lake or confounding The Inspector, the Pink Panther has new hijinks that will make you laugh out loud! Get your winter coat and mittens; it’s time for a Pink Panther Snow Day! Main Wraparound cover by Adrian Ropp, “Pink HiJinks” cover by Jacob Greenawalt, Classic Pink cover by Bill Galvan, and a special Retro Animation Premium Cover.
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $3.99


stargate-atlantis-back-to-pegasus-1-blank-sketchSTARGATE ATLANTIS BACK TO PEGASUS #1 BLANK SKETCH
(W) Mark L. Haynes, J. C. Vaughn (A) Greg LaRocque (CA) Blank Sketch Cover
Stargate: Atlantis is back with a brand new monthly comic book series that continues the television series continuity and is jam packed with fun extras! Comic illustrating legend, Greg LaRocque (The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen, Web of Spider-Man), joins the team of Mark L. Haynes and J.C. Vaughn (Fox’s 24) to deliver the next official chapter in Stargate: Atlantis mythology. Following the destruction of the Super Hive ship, Atlantis and her crew find themselves stranded on Earth. But a startling discovery sends the team in search of a new Gate system and reveals that the horrors of the Pegasus Galaxy are not far away. A new threat rises to challenge the crew and stop the city from returning to its rightful place. Come with us on this new comic book season of Stargate: Atlantis and join the fight to get #BackToPegasus!
In Shops: May 11, 2016
SRP: $3.99


(W) S.A. Check, Adrian Ropp (A) Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp (CA) S.A. Check
Couldn’t make it to Baltimore Comic Con but you still want a super rare copy of the exclusive Pink Panther #1 Comic Con edition signed by elusive young readers novelist S.A. Check? You got it! We have a very small stash set aside from the show! Limited to 100 copies. Allocations may occur.
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $19.99


(W) Todd Livingston, Nick Capetanakis (A) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
Hollywood’s 306th best actress is B-movie scream queen Sonya Devereaux, whose career is made up entirely of low budget, straight to DVD movies – the kind you find in the bargain bin at the grocery store. In this issue: “Vampire Academy 4”: The Elizabeth Bathory Academy for Girls is one of the country’s foremost schools for prepping teenaged vampiresses for un-life out in the world. The final exam: Hunt a victim! But Elsbeth (Sonya Devereaux) has fallen in love with hers and must decide between saving her BAE or her GPA. And can she do it before she and her classmates are caught by the world’s best hunter of young, female vampires?
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $3.99


(W) Mike Wolfer (A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo (CA) Mike Wolfer
Did you miss out on the modern sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ classic pulp story? Series writer Mike Wolfer delivers a comics masterpiece of adventure, dinosaurs, and intrigue in The Land That Time Forgot! This set includes all four editions of the series – Wolfer movie style cover, Scalf painted cover, Blank Sketch cover, and the rare Antique retailer variant cover in adventure sized pack! Allocations may occur.
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $22.00


three-stooges-1959THREE STOOGES 1959 T/C REISSUE BOX
After nearly 60 years the classic non-sport trading card series The Three Stooges
is back in print! Originally published by Fleer in 1959, the reissue series features ‘old school’
reproduction of the series. The retail box of 24 10-card packs includes all 96 different cards, 3 ‘rare’ checklists, 16 different color variations as originally published in the series, plus randomly inserted chase cards featuring B&W high-res stills of Larry, Moe and Curly, original fan club ‘stamp’ art, brand new Faux Scratch ‘n Sniff Three Stooges glossies, brand new checklists and more! Each 24-pack box also comes with 1 of 8 different brilliant metal Stooge Portrait card box toppers (a case of 8 boxes is guaranteed to contain all 8 different box topper chase cards). Each box is guaranteed at least one complete base set of 96 cards, one complete set of all 3 checklists, and one complete set of all 16 variation cards plus randomly inserted rare chase cards.
In Shops: Jan 25, 2017
SRP: $75.00


three-stooges-stoogeapalooza-blank-sketch-cvrTHREE STOOGES STOOGEAPALOOZA BLANK SKETCH CVR
(W) S.A. Check (A) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, Bill Galvan (CA) Blank Sketch Cover
From American Mythology Productions. Get your favorite artist to draw The Boys on this special Blank Sketch-A-Stooge Cover Edition! We’re throwing a party – a Stooge-A-Palooza – for all the fans of the original Three Stooges! In this oversized issue we have brand new comic laughs, classic tales from the golden age, and a Stooge-ton of original content! We’re bringing you all the chuckles and guffaws you love from The Boys and paying homage to the comedy legends with behind the scenes interviews with Stooge family members, candid pictures, and fans from all over the world. This issue has no ads – it is 100% stuffed with Stooges! The Stooges influenced generations of comic book creators and now lifelong fans have a chance to contribute to their legacy with these new slapstick adventures. If you are tired of the same old humdrum comics week-in and week-out, try out The Three Stooges and enjoy laughing at their timeless antics! Scheduled to ship 06/29/16. (3320)
In Shops: Jul 06, 2016
SRP: $4.99

(W) S.A. Check (A/CA) Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim
If you have to vote for someone, you might as well make it a Stooge! Larry, Moe, and Curly find themselves in the running for the highest office in the land. Now these three knuckleheads have to navigate the waters of political office and one of them will become the new POTUS or in this case… DOOFUS. Cast a vote for your favorite Stooge by purchasing their cover and after we tally the final count (no hanging chads here), we’ll end the issue with the real voting results and announce our brand new President of the United Stooges! Come join the fun and cast your vote!
In Shops: Sep 28, 2016
SRP: $3.99


equilibrium-1-photo-sub-cvrequilibrium-1-main-cvrEQUILIBRIUM #1 
(W) Patrick Shand (A) Jason Craig (CA) Photo
In the first years of the 21st century, a third World War broke out. Those of us who survived knew mankind could never survive a fourth… that our own volatile natures could simply no longer be risked. Now, the government has risen up to eradicate the true source of man’s inhumanity to man. The ability to feel. But in this brave new world, where logic rules and emotion is punished, an rebellion breaks out that will shake this totalitarian government to its core. Spinning out of the cult classic film Equilibrium comes this brand new action-packed sequel to the movie from Pat Shand (Angel) and Jason Craig (Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash).
In Shops: Aug 31, 2016
SRP: $3.99 Comics NewsSolicitations
AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY DARK WEREWOLVES VS DINOSAURS VS YETIS #2 (W) Eric Dobson (A) Matt Frank (A) Chris Scalf American Mythology Dark is back with a brand new chapter in the bombastic sci-fi horror tale Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs! Cade and Smith have been transported through a portal into a strange and deadly...