6 Tips for Finding a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Your State


If you’re looking for a medical marijuana doctor, chances are that you’re suffering from some sort of ailment that you need to cope with. In this case, the hassle of finding a medical marijuana doctor can be a major headache you don’t need or deserve.

The more conservative an area you live in can make this process even more difficult, which can leave many scrambling for a solution.  Here are some tips to help make that process a touch easier when it comes time.

1. See What the State Says

Usually, your state will offer the resources you need to find a doctor. Consider beginning your search with a list of providers that your state supplies. Sometimes this can be as easy as looking online for comprehensive lists, or it may mean asking for referrals and jumping through hoops.

Once you’ve acquired a list of potential providers, your search is likely to be much easier. Even if you don’t start with that list, be sure that any recommendations or referrals you receive, you verify the option with state-approved providers to ensure everything remains above board.

Start with a simple search like: how to get a medical marijuana card in NY and go from there!

2. Organize All your Documents

There’s no use in finding a marijuana doctor if you’re not prepared to apply or meet with them! Take some to organize your documents and ensure that you meet all of the minimum requirements.

This is something the doctor will want to see and will help speed your process along. These documents can include your medical record, proof of identity, applications, and other necessary marijuana licenses materials.

3. Find a Doctor You Love

Intertwined within this search for a marijuana doctor is ensuring that you find someone that you love. There are many specialties and types of doctors out there. You’re going to want to find someone that not only can accomplish your goal of a medical marijuana card, but also aligns with your goals.

If they’re educated, passionate about you as a patient, and simply care, that will be much more impactful than finding someone to sign off on your paperwork. Take the time upfront to find the perfect provider rather than struggling with your options down the line.

4. Prepare Yourself for an Appointment

When looking for a medical marijuana provider, it is likely that you will need to go in and meet with someone. Help yourself by preparing for that appointment.

Things that are important include your medical records, as mentioned above, but you’ll also go through an interview of sorts, so be sure to be prepared for that. Knowing the answers to questions like your pain symptoms and what you know about marijunana will likely come in handy.

5. Ask for Recommendations

Something helpful that many don’t take advantage of is as simple as asking for recommendations. Word-of-mouth recommendations can go a long way in helping you not just find a marijuana doctor, but one that is right for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask your peers or even healthcare professionals familiar with your needs what you should do in order to obtain a medical license. Oftentimes, their recommendations will come with referrals that make your search much easier.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Not Committing

The first doctor you meet does not need to be the doctor you commit to long-term. In fact, it’s best that you look around and meet professionals until you find one that works for you.

Doctor shopping is generally frowned upon, so don’t overdo it until you find someone that you think will give you what you want. Instead, find someone who is committed to keeping you safe and healthy, knowing your wants and needs, and helping you accomplish them.

It’s easy when you’re going through the process of finding professionals for you to feel obligated toward someone you meet, but there generally is no need to stick with someone you don’t need. Of course, this will depend on your location and the options available to you.


Finding a marijuana doctor in your state is not the easiest process, but it is a relatively simple one. By following a few simple processes to ensure you’re qualified for a medical marijuana card and that you find the best provider for your needs, you’ll be happier and healthy in the end. Be sure to check out your state’s guidelines for more help.

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