When comics’ glittering goddess of light meets up with the world’s sexiest spy, it’s time for FLARE to go SPYING WITH LANA! This all-new Flare adventure, which first appeared as a weekly serialized webcomic, is now available in a print edition in Flare Adventures #26, with additional artwork and special features created especially for the Heroic Publishing version of this comic book. An alternate version of the comic book is available from Harrington Artwerkes under the title “Spying With Flare,”, also featuring special exclusive bonus features.

The talented writer/artist Sean Harrington began publishing comics and graphic novels under the Harrington Artwerkes label in 2005, beginning with the popular action-spoof The Bikini Commando Squad. In 2008, Sean launched Spying with Lana, a humorous and sexy spy thriller which continues today both online and in print. In addition to Harrington Artwerkes titles, Sean has worked with various other publishers including Heroic Publishing. Flare, comics’ sexiest superheroine and Lana the sultry spy seemed like a perfect fit to team up, and so Spying with Flare by Sean Harrington was released in 2010, the first collaboration between Harrington Artwerkes and Heroic Publishing.

Sean says, “I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with Dennis Mallonee and Heroic Publishing, and drawing Flare and the other great Heroic characters has been a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to continuing to create more great stories together.”

Indeed, Sean has been tapped as one of Flare’s regular artists, with his first story for the regular FLARE comic book set to appear in Flare #39, currently scheduled for a January 2011 release.

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