Wayne’s Worlds: The Walking Dead #109

What will fill that gap […]

What will fill that gap now that The Walking Dead has ended its latest season on AMC? Why, The Walking Dead comic, of course!

The 109th issue hit the stands on Wednesday, April 4, and here’s the description:Maggie and Sophia pick up the pieces and continue their lives at the Hilltop.”

There’s an interesting split between the fans of the comic and those who only watch the show on cable TV. Some want to enjoy both, while many viewers of the show don’t want to know what’s going on in the monthly title, which is where this story first began, after all!

In the comic, things are in a very different place than on the series. Rick and the group are actually living in the greater Washington, D.C., burbs in what was previously a gated community. They’ve even returned to something of a “normal” lifestyle, complete with schools for the children! As always, while the “walkers” are a threat, it is often other humans who are the most dangerous.

Like the Governor and his town, there’s a new baddie in town named Negan, and he’s also got a community of supporters who believe in him or simply fear him. He’s previously laid down the law on Rick, but in this issue, the former sheriff is gathering a group to go after Negan, who rules not far from Rick’s community.

Unlike most comics on sale today, The Walking Dead is created in black and white (except for the cover), which explains why AMC decided to re-air the series in black and white as well. This format just fits the tone of the book, often focusing on dealing with loss.

Now, some new folks have joined Rick’s band while others no longer are alive in the comics universe. I won’t spoil just who in this column, but that person’s passing took place last year in the 100th issue, the biggest-selling comic of 2012!

I often say that zombies are the new vampires, and The Walking Dead has been one of the most consistently good comics for years now. I give credit to Robert Kirkman for that! Each issue has its share of surprises and “moments,” as I like to call them, in which characters experience something that helps us understand and relate with them.

It’s likely that The Walking Dead will return to AMC this October, but if you can’t wait that long for your zombie fix, you can pick up trade paperbacks of the comic at many local comic shops! Be sure to stop by and check them out!

To get a preview of this issue’s cover and several pages, check out the images below:

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead, zombies, Image Comics,

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