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A young alien named Bruvo, […]

A young alien named Bruvo, who is trying to escape his alien pursuers, crashes on earth and hides an alien supersuit in the closet of a young boy named Zak Tyler before his is captured. Zak is delighted about the powers of the suit and plans to live out a heroic life like he reads about in his comic books, that is he plans to be a real life superhero. When the aliens chasing Bruvo, led by the evil Lord Dreadnite, come looking for the suit a series of conflicts slowly escalate and include not only an alien army but also the United States military.
Kozmik is the creation of Scott Kinney and he has created a very enjoyable all ages title that does not get bogged down in sci-fi mumbo-jumbo but rather gives readers a fast paced adventure story that is super accessible. The story is pretty standard heroic fare but Scott gives the various characters a lot of personality and it is particularly nice to note that Zak actually has a loving set of parents in the story. Too often these type of stories present the single parent situation to create drama but that is deftly sidestepped here and the story is better for it.

The artwork is top notch and it looks like it could have been in an Archie Comics publication, I am rather surprised that Scott has not done any work on MegaMan or Sonic as his style would suit those series perfectly. For the most part it is easy to follow although one scene did cause me a bit of trouble. Towards the end of the story there is a scene that attempts to show Bruvo remotely communicating with Zak and the military personnel while also having Lord Dreadnite addressing him back where is. It took me three tries to figure out what was happening as the scene just sort of starts and gets kind of confusing. Its a picky point but it is the only real issue I had with the story so don’t put too much into it, it is still a worthwhile comic.

This collection of the first four digital issues of the Kozmik series is available on comiXology now and will soon be released in a trade paperback from Arcana with bonus materials not included digitally.

For less than four dollars you can purchase the entire set digitally and there really is not reason not to do so. For less than the price of one Marvel digital title you can get all four of these issues and support a new comic creator as well. Scott has stated that he already has the plot laid out for the next story arc so hopefully he will get the chance to explore the universe that he has established.

8 out of 10
Arcana – $3.99 Digital / $14.99 Print

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