The 2012 Comic Holiday Gift Guide

Anthony Del Col –My selection […]

Anthony Del Col –My selection is the newly-enhanced Lawrence of Arabia (50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) on Blu-Ray. This is one of the greatest films of all-time and the peak of the visionary film director David Lean. Peter O’Toole, stark blue eyes contrasting nicely with the panoramic desert backdrop, portrays one of the most enigmatic characters since Hamlet, that melancholy prince from Denmark. For those that haven’t seen it yet, you will feel as though you are in the desert and delivering miracles that people will tell you cannot be written…


Adam Beechen — The new Batman Beyond sculpture designed by Dustin Nguyen is absolutely gorgeous.  Even if I weren’t the writer of the character’s adventures, I’d want one!

Dennis Mallonee — Obviously, the Chrissie Claus comics and trade paperback.

Batton Lash — The new Supernatural Law collection, “The Monsters Meet On Court Street” contains Supernatural Law #30, 37-40, Mavis #4, as well as all new material, done especially for this volume. Featuring Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre (aided by their intrepid office manager, Mavis), this book is the sixth in the “Tales of Supernatural Law” series. Story and art by Batton Lash, with guest art from Frank Cho and Monte Wolverton! Introduction by BBC talk show host/comedian/ comics maven, Jonathan Ross. It’s the perfect Holiday gift for the lawyer, law student or monster in your life! 175 pages, $18.95.


Ed Catto — We have fond memories of receiving Captain Action as a Christmas gift years ago, and are thrilled to be able to make this great toy available again!

The Captain Action Deluxe figure is available at Comic Shops nationwide for $45.00

DAVID MACHO GÓMEZ — Batman the Dark Knight rises limited edition bluray
– Avengers Best Buy edition with holo lenticular box.
– IDW’s artist editions, ANY OF THEM. But if you ask me to pick some, I’d have to go with Daredevil by Mazzuchelli, John Romita Sr. Amazing Spider-man, or Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer!
– Y, the last man or Fables’ deluxe editions. Spy Vs. Spy Omnibus.
– You prefer to go digital and introduce new people to comics? Get them Daredevil by Waid, Martin & Rivera, or Smallville S11 by Q. Miller, Perez, and others!
– The Killing Joke Joker statue! (Yes, I know it’s not released yet, but it’s an advanced gift!

Holly Golightly —

Tarot’s Sweet Dream before Hexmas Print

The Tarot Mask-with Holiday Special Price:
and other Holiday Specials here:


Darren Davis —  50 Shades of the Twilight Games

Artist: Gabriel Rosswell writer: CW Cooke & Crystal Vandiver
Take one part bloodsucker, one part magician, one part ruthless huntress, and throw in a little bondage. What do you get? An all-out battle where arrows fly, teeth gnash, and magic spells clash. Who will survive? Find out in “50 Shades of the Twilight Games,” the new graphic novel parody from Bluewater Productions.   You can get it digitally or at Comic Book Flea Market.

M. Zachary Sherman — TASCHEN BOND BOOK:
Anyone who knows me understands my obsession with Bond and given it’s the 50th anniversary of the franchise, this has been a year like no other for collectors, especially thanks to Taschen. Usually, I’m not into books that cost over fifty bucks (all of my Marvel classic hardcovers were bought on eBay), but this book is a lively exception. With unparalleled access to EON Productions archives, this 600-page book boasts over 1100 previously unreleased photos, behind the scenes stories with actors, screenwriters, stuntmen and even Flemming himself (posthumously, I should add). Amazing book I can’t recommend enough!
P90X Workout system:
Being a comic book writer doesn’t mean you need to look like you live in your mother’s basement. Yes, my uniform of the day consists of character boxers and a t-shirt from some popular science fiction western TV show, but that doesn’t mean when I go outside (when I do go outside), I don’t like to look and feel my best. I go to the gym and work out, but I mostly work out in the house, and I don’t mean shuffling my short boxes around! I used the P90X system to get into shape. No nasty looks from anyone at a gym, no feeling self conscious around the muscle heads, just me, a water bottle and the DVDs of regimented workouts that are designed for people who aren’t into working out. Being a geek is totally fine and I’m one of the biggest (as I type this, I look at the stormtrooper rifle next to my monitor), but I respect myself too much to become Bantha poodoo.
Gamer? You bet! I may write games, but I love playing them even more and when a new console comes onto the market, just call me Mr. Early Adopter! I was a huge fan of the horror genre, but as Resident Evil quickly cascaded into the “shooter-metaphysical-WTF was that about?” of gaming, there was a hole left open that needed filling. Personally, I think ZombiU does that incredibly well. The sound effects and dialog alone are enough to creep me out, but the adventure aspects are pretty cool, too. The use of the gamepad is fantastic, turning it from inventory screen to scanner with neat gameplay functionality. The controls are smooth, especially in combat, but best of all? It’s challenging. Limited ammo, limited supplies and just a cricket bat to protect you when you’re out of everything else and when you’re dead? You’re dead. That was twist on this game I really liked. There was no run and gun action here, this is strategic and you needed to think about how to go about your objective because if you don’t, you’re gonna die and have to start over in the safe house where the other guy (the dead you) left off. And the frights are really well spaced out… Trust me, after running around in the dark for 20 minutes climbing and puzzle solving, to hear the high-pitcheed bleep of the motion tracker go off, your heart will skip a beat.

Mike Gagnon — Original art and limited prints from Hammer Comics,

John Rozum — My biggest suggestion this year is to buy creator owned material. These are works that the creators are passionate about and supporting them, not only puts money directly into the pockets of creators, but encourages diversity in comics by proving that creators can make a living doing the work that’s of greatest interest to them. Whether it’s self-published comics, or pieces of artwork, I say buy directly from the creators whose work you love.
I also strongly recommend Fantagraphics’ hard cover collections of Mickey Mouse newspaper strips by Floyd Gottfredson and their Carl Barks library of Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge Comics. The Mickey Mouse collections are beautifully designed and packed with comic book strips and supplemental interviews and historic material and make for hours of pleasurable reading for comic book fans of any age. Likewise, the Carl Barks books are lovely items and contain some fantastic comic book stories in full color.
On the shameless self-promotional end of things, I have dozens of cut paper collage portraits of animated cartoon characters from Looney Tunes to Adventure Time for sale, which would make great gifts for the animation fan on your list. You can find them here:

Roy Thomas — This is a Golden Age of Comics History and Reprinting– so along with possible subscriptions to TwoMorrows magazines ALTER EGO, BACK ISSUE, and THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, as well as TwoMorrows’ various books (in few of which do I have any economic stake), I think that any number of collections published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, IDW, PS Artbooks, Dynamite, Hermes Press, Classic Comics Press, Fantagraphics, etc., are worthwhile. If one likes old comics, PS Artbooks–already reprinting hardcover editions of the ACG and Harvey horror comics of the 1950s–is coming out with several books of vintage comics material I’ve put together, whose stories and art still make enjoyable reading: 3 volumes of THE HEAP, 2 volumes of CLASSIC PHANTOM LADY, 1 volume collecting Fawcett’s CAPTIAN VIDEO, and an ongoing series of reprints of PLANET COMICS. Or maybe you should just give your friend a bookcase and let him stock it himself!

Andrew A. Smith — With ‘The Hobbit’ on the big screen, what better time to hoist a brew in Tolkien etched bar-ware? For $29.99, the Overlords at Think Geek ( offers two glasses, either pints or steins, with the designs from one of two Middle Earth taverns etched directly into the glass. Even if you’re a teetotaler, they’re still perfect for second or third breakfast. Choose between The Prancing Pony or The Green Dragon.

Al Milgrom — How about employment for indigent cartoonists? That’d make me happy.

Tanya Tate’s Holiday Gift Guide

#1 Doctor Who Masterpiece Collection: Fourth Doctor Maxi-Bust – I love this bust! I am a huge fan of the Tom Baker Dr. Who and was very excited when I saw that Titan Merchandise was releasing this bust. They excel at making quality busts and this is no different. From the quizzical look on his face to his majestic scarf, this captures whimsical portrayal of the Doctor that Tom Baker perfected. Brilliant in every way, this 8-inch bust is in the likeness of the Doctor from the serial City of Death. A must have for not only Whovians, but Sci-fi geeks in general. Approximately $75.

#2 Hammer Horror Masterpiece Collection: Christopher Lee as Count Dracula Maxi-Bust – One of my favourite pieces in my collection. Titan Merchandise finally released this incredible bust and it was worth the wait. It looks stunning. Hammer Films made quite an impact on British horror in the late 50’s which carried through to the 70’s. redefining classic characters like Frankenstein, The Mummy and of course Dracula. This 8-inch bust is of the iconic Christopher Lee as the Count. Capturing his likeness from the movie Dracula, this bust is impeccable. He’s ready for a late night nibble on a busty woman’s neck! Limited but still can be found for $75

#3 Funko Mickey Mouse – This is for the vinyl collector in your life! Who could not resist Mickey Mouse, let alone a huge 9 inch one! Funko, known for their Wacky Wobblers, introduced a line of stylized vinyl figures called “POP!” based on entertainment and pop-culture characters, like DC Superheroes, The Beatles, The Walking Dead and Disney. Most of the figures are around 4 inches but this Mickey Mouse release stands 9 inches and looks incredible. He’s fun, iconic and something any geek would love for their collection. Not too hard to find, this figure can be found for around $40.

#4 The Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series Box Set – Or should I say “coffin set”? This set is fabulous…and overwhelming! Every episode of the 1966 – 1971 series is here with loads of extras. All 1,225 episodes of the gothic soap opera are spread over 131 DVDs. Yes, it is that massive. I own it and am just now beginning my journey. This is something for a die-hard fan or someone who wants to be a shut-in for the next year. Enjoy vampires and werewolves long before they started wearing glitter. This collection can be found for about $350.

#5 Tanya Tate: My Life In Cosplay Book – Know anyone that likes a busty woman who dresses up like a superhero? Then my photo book is for them; it chronicles my cosplay life from the very first time I set foot in public as Emma Frost at San Diego Comic Con 2010 and pictures from several conventions since. Pictures of me as Green Lantern Arisia, Sid and Marty Krofft’s Electra-Woman and even some pictures from photoshoots I did as Susan Storm and Emma Frost. My book also contains anecdotes from my cosplay adventures and an interview. I wanted the reader to have as much fun looking at the pictures as I did taking them. Signed copies available for $50 from

India Cosper —  All can be found on the, while most of the basinal trades and books can be founding retailers.


  • Executive Assistant: Assassins #6- In stores December 19th.
  • Broken Pieces #5- In stores December 19th.
  • Idolized #4- In stores December 19th.
  • Soulfire v4 #3- In stores December 5th.
  • Holiday 2012 DeBalfo Mini-Print with any order over $50. Order over $150 and the mini will be upgrades to the very limited edition Sketch print.
  • Fathom: Kiani #4 Black Friday Variant, soon to be sold out. $14.99
  • Aspen OP Prints by Mike Turner and Peter Steigerwald, starting at $39.99
  • Executive Assistant: Iris variants (assorted) to get ready for the start of volume 3.
  • EA: Iris volume one and two TPB
  • EA: Hit List Agenda TPB

Discount code “Holiday12” will take 10% off your entire order and is active from now until January 5th.

Christmas Day and Boxing Day Sale: There will be huge specials, discounts, and giveaways on Christmas Day, and an entirely different sale of Boxing day with items as low as $0.25

Eric Trautmann — FEAR AGENT LIBRARY EDITION VOLUME 1, The first of two projected volumes containing Rick Remender’s ode to classic EC science fiction comics. The writing is sharp, the story excels at layering complications onto heartbreak onto more complications, and is ably abetted by the rotating art team of Tony Moore and Jerome Opeña. Featuring retro space rayguns, killer robots, dinosaur aliens, giant telepathic jellyfish, and a drunken space “hero” trying to forget his past, Fear Agent is one of my favorite series in recent memory.

Steven L Frank — The Art of Betty & Veronica – This is the first art book officially done by Archie Comics. With a wonderful presentation and spectacular interior art, this would make a great gift for any fan of comics and/or pin-up art. It is essential for the Archie fan!

Tarantino XX Film Collection – Celebrating twenty years of film making, this ten disc (eight movies and two discs of special features) represents Qeuntin Tarantino and his progression as a filmmaker. Starting with Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino has changed how films are made and his stamp on pop culture is indelible. Watching these films on Blu-ray is definitely a treat.

Matthew Szewczyk — For the young comic fans (or the young at heart) I would recommend the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Secret Sewer Lair Playset”. It is a throw back to the old school playsets of the eighties; its huge, well made and has a ton of adventuring opportunities for kids. Sure, it’s well over a hundred dollars but it is worth it to hear the kids having a TMNT adventure in the other room.
For adults I cannot recommend the first volume of Saga which collects the first six issues of the acclaimed run for a mere ten dollars. If you know someone who does not read comics but may if the right one came along, give them this and create a new comic book fan.
For something more action oriented then the X-O Manowar collection of the first four issues of the Valiant relaunch should fill that need nicely. Perfect for someone who reads comics but does not stray far from the worlds of Marvel or DC.

Rik Offenberger — I would like to recommend anything from Art for Sandy. Not just a gift for your loved ones, it is great original art and it helps those in need.

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