Hoax Hunters #3 Review

Imagine if all those reality […]

Imagine if all those reality “supernatural” television expose shows were not what they appeared to be. What if one of them was actually a cover for a legitimate team of experts who battle supernatural forces and used the show to cover their true actions? Why, you would have the Hoax Hunters comic book of course!

The premise is a good one, unique and interesting, and the characters are engaging and each has a distinct personality. There is Jack Lawson, the leader of the Hoax Hunters and former FBI agent. Regan Tate has unusual powers due to a demonic possession while filming a movie. Ken Cadaver was a former NASA scientist who has telepathic abilities as well as being dead, quite the combo indeed. Finally there is creepy Murder, an astronaut whose consciousness occupies an empty spacesuit that is carried around by a pack of crows.

Typing that last paragraph makes it seem a lot weirder than it is, or perhaps it is so entertaining that I did not notice just how very odd the whole thing is. If you are a fan of the X-Files or are looking for something new and different than give this one a try.

7 out of 10
7 Word Summary: Different and stranger then any other comic.

Hoax Hunters #3
Image Comics – $2.99

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