Thoughts On A Winter Morning Review

This short eight page story […]

This short eight page story is the type of digital comic that provides hope that there is more to the art form of comic books then violence and costumes. A short memoir of a new father reflecting on his childhood while wondering about his daughters future is the type of story that will make you proud to be a comic fan. It manages to really pull on your heartstrings without an ounce of fake drama or anything really dramatic happening.

Perhaps it is because I am the father of two young children or maybe it is because I am simply getting older but Kurt Busiek and Steve Lieber managed to make a connection with me and provide a wonderful story all within a very small amount of space. It may not be the type of story that would be a great seller by itself (and it would have to be expanded to the point of losing its magic) and I cannot think of any of the current comic book anthology series where this would fit. Allowing it to be available digitally is wonderful and opens it up for readers to discover and enjoy.

Kurt writes a two page epilogue of sorts at the end and explains the origins of the story and provides wonderful look back at his life when he wrote the story and what has happened since then. File this comic away and share it with friends who may or may not be comic book fans, I think they will all enjoy it.

9 out of 10
9 Word Summary: Eight pages that show how wonderful comics can be!

Thoughts On A Winter Morning
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