Earlier this year, podcast host […]

Earlier this year, podcast host Chris Thompson had the opportunity to take part in a video conference with comics legend Alan Moore as a reward for contributing to the Harvey Pekar statue campaign on Kickstarter. Participants were allowed to record the conference for themselves and Chris’ video was soon doing the rounds online. It had a few glitches and drop-outs, so he asked resident tech-monkey Robin Harman to produce a cleaned-up version of the audio for our loyal listeners. The results are in and we’re proud to present this very special episode for your listening pleasure.

Although the campaign to raise money for the Harvey Pekar statue has now ended, Harvey’s Estate still needs your help in paying the various taxes, expenses and incidental costs that have come up since. If you have enjoyed this audio and/or the preceding video then please do give something towards this worthy cause via PayPal to or click on the button below. No amount is too small and every little bit helps. Thanks for your support, and please do enjoy the show!

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About Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is an internationally-recognised comics journalist, podcaster, retailer and speaker who has appeared at conventions across three continents. You can hear him on The Orbiting Pod and Pop Culture Hound podcasts; see his work on First Comics News, Bleeding Cool and various other sites; and follow him on Twitter @popculturehound.