The NEW CRUSADERS take off today!

After months of anticipation, the New […]

ImageAfter months of anticipation, the New Crusaders have finally arrived to great success, taking the comic book world by storm. These exciting new champions burst onto the scene in what can only be described as the superhero debut of the summer. Once the clock struck midnight, fans flooded to be the first to download the Red Circle App andDesktop App and partake in the brand new adventures of this iconic comic franchise.

The press were geared up for it too with Newsarama offering an Exclusive Preview of Chapter 1 and CBR’s Robot 6 blog proclaiming “I know I’m going to sign up when it launches tomorrow.” Even more thrilling, BuzzFeed unveiled the New Crusaders trailer directed by Alex Kropinak.

Now that the New Crusaders have landed, keep up with ongoing missions when you download the Red Circle App or Desktop App and witness the rise of a new superhero era. These are the heroes of today’s generation and they’re just getting suited up.

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