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SO LONG 2011,
Well we’re two months into the year and things are surely hopping! But first, let’s glance at the past before we stare into the future.

It Was Time To Be Jolly
December 2011

A reading of my play Sherlock Holmes & the Hands of Othello, performed by the Westside Theater Co., in NYC.
Finished leading my creating comics professional development workshops with teachers from St. Christopher’s HS.
Wrote an Archie Comics tale involving Ronald McDonald House and a Riverdale child in need of their help.

As Teaching Artist and Consultant
In 2012

I began a 10 week Art of Making Comics workshop as part of an interdisciplinary program with high school teachers and students from Clark Academy in NY.


Continued leading the forensic science workshop program (Bronx Community Crime Scene Investigation) that I began developing in September.
Teamed with the Christopher Barron Live Life Foundation to give a 10 week creating comics workshop with over 60 5th grade students in Paterson, NJ.


As A Guest Speaker
For The Color of People, Comics, and the Military Engaging Students Through the Creative Arts

For veterans attending Bronx Community College I gave the presentation entitled, THE COLOR OF PEOPLE, COMICS & the MILITARY (2/23/12).

Techno heroes

And March 3rd will find me (and co-presenter Gene Adams) delivering two workshops on the SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES at the 2nd Annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Conf., in Maryland.

And …
It’s only March 1st!Imagine what else is coming down the road, like the KIDS’ COMIC CON on Saturday May 5th.

So, stay tuned.


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Alex Simmons 

Globetrotting African-American soldier of fortune, Arron Day is surrounded by liars and killers as he sets out to bring back murdering dictator, from a hostile territory. All in the thrilling web comic strip…

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Blackjack comics appeared throughout an episode of the TV series



On CBS TV 2 9 12 Feb. 9, 2012



In the mountains of Brazil Arron must faces a horde of bandits to save a young woman from certain death in the audio adventure,


About Alex Simmons

Over the past 20 years Alex Simmons has written (and in some cases also created) a number of juvenile mysteries under a variety of pseudonyms for many well-known publishers. He has also penned two educational documentaries and several stage plays. One of his plays, Sherlock Holmes & the Hands of Othello, received critical praise and was published in Black Thunder: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Drama, published by Signet/Mentor Books. Simmons has written three movie novelizations for Disney and three biographies for Steck-Vaughn, including one on Denzel Washington. As a voiceover talent, Simmons can be heard on a wide range of projects from O'Henry Bars, to podcasting financial information for DeLoitte and Touche. Simmons has traveled the country as a guest speaker and teaching artist. He has developed and conducted creative writing workshops (prose, comics, journalism, and playwriting), as well as consulted on a number of creative arts programs and curricula for children. Currently, Simmons is serving as the Arts In Education Director for the Children's Art Carnival(NYC); and he sits on the board of the New York State Alliance for Arts and Education. He is affiliated with the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art, and is also a member of the New York Writer's Workshop.