Although it’s over two weeks […]

Although it’s over two weeks since the Bristol Comic Expo, I’m still reflecting on the great time I had and all the excellent people I met there.

One of the real pleasures was chatting with Sydney Jordan, the man behind classic newspaper strip Jeff Hawke, which ran for over 20 years and has been syndicated worldwide.

Sydney’s role in comics history cannot be ignored, and it’s nice to see him getting some of the acknowledgement he deserves through the efforts of the wonderful Jeff Hawke Club.

The Jeff Hawke Club, thanks to kind cooperation from the Daily Express, has exclusive rights to reprinting all the original strips as they appeared.

Although most of the interviews from Bristol were featured on Episode 24 of The Orbiting Pod podcast, some had to be edited (or cut completely) due to time and space constraints.

One such casualty was this wonderful interview which allows Sydney Jordan and his work to shine. He’s one of those guys you could just listen to for hours.

To find out more about Sydney and his work, check out the wonderful resources at the Jeff Hawke

Special thanks to Robin Harman, editor on The Orbiting Pod, for applying his deft hand to this interview.

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