Stan Goldberg talks about FF#1

Stan Goldberg worked at Timely […]

Stan Goldberg

Stan Goldberg worked at Timely Comics and was part of Marvel at the dawn of the Marvel Age. Marvel is bringing Stan back for a special varent cover to FF#1. Stan was nice enough to answer some of our questions about his retrun to Marvel.

First Comics News: You started out at Marvel, how old were you when you started?

Stan Goldberg: 16-1/2, graduated high school and on to visual arts in the eve. then got a job at Timely.

1st: How many years has it been since you last worked at Marvel?

Stan: Archie and the Punisher in 1994 and some other proposalsthat they were working on about 8 years ago.

1st: How did you end up back at Marvel for the FF#1 cover?

Stan: They contacted me bacause I worked on their very first issue 50 years ago doing all the color and working on it for at least another 5 years.

1st: Is this a one time assignment or will you be doing other alternate covers in the future?

Stan: I can´t tell you anything about that right now.

1st: You worked with Joe Sinnott on this cover, how do you like working with Joe?

Stan: Joe is a good friend and one of the best in the business. I was very happy to collaberate with him on the cover.

1st: You worked on the first Spider-Man appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15 as well as the Fantastic Four. What is it like to come back to these characters after all this time?

Stan: Working on them years ago was fun and it´s just as much fun today.

1st: What is your opinion of the new uniforms for the FF?

Stan: It looks good to me.

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