Flare’s electric little sister gets her first trade paperback!

To coincide with her new role as one of the stars of Heroic Publishing’s long-running CHAMPIONS comic book title, Flare’s electric little sister, SPARKPLUG, is getting her own trade paperback collection. SPARKPLUG: Volume 1 will be released in late March, at the same time as Champions #51, the first issue of Champions with Sparkplug as the designated headliner.

The SPARKPLUG trade paperback collects in chronological order, and for the first time in a single volume, eleven of Sparkplug’s classic solo adventures from issues of Champions and Flare. These stories track the personal development of Flare’s electric little sister from a naive and inexperienced young woman into a full-fledged heroine, and explore her budding romantic relationship with San Francisco’s headstrong ace reporter, Jimmy Dooley.

The SPARKPLUG trade paperback is a must for new fans coming on board for Sparkplug’s new series of adventures in the pages of Champions. Advance orders for the SPARKPLUG trade paperback can be placed directly from the publisher’s website at www.heroicpub.com.

Comic book retailers can place advance orders for the SPARKPLUG trade paperback and other Heroic Publishing titles through the new Heroic Distribution comic book service, at www.heroicpub.com/retailer

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