Origin Sonic was born in the middle of the Great War and was originally named after his grandfathers (he later had his name legally changed to “Sonic” with no offense meant to his forebears). While very young, he lost his parents to the first clandestine roboticization experiments.  He was taken in by his uncle, Sir Charles Hedgehog, and after Dr. Robotnik’s takeover, briefly played delivery boy for his uncle’s chilidog stand while spending time in Knothole.

Tragedy struck when Uncle Chuck was captured by Dr. Robotnik’s forces and roboticized.  From there, Sonic threw his full support behind the Freedom Fighters and fought to liberate the kingdom.  Sonic playfully took on Dr. Robotnik’s first few generations of badniks, growing in skill until, by his mid-teens, he was a true threat to Dr. Robotnik’s forces.

Sonic has always been at odds with his nature: arrogant on the one hand, but unwavering in his heroism on the other.  These traits were what both endeared and frustrated his first love, Sally Acorn.

Sonic has become a beacon of hope for the world.  He’s traveled the globe, and even traversed outer space, alternate dimensions, and time itself.  He has been named the chosen hero of the multiverse, having over the course of his adventures faced down mad scientists, evil wizards and even gods with a smirk and a laugh.

While having lost his knighthood due to a past mistake, Sonic currently holds the rank of Gentleman-at-Arms within the Republic of Acorn.  Sonic continues to take life with a breezy attitude, having fun whether taking on the forces of evil, or kicking back with his guitar.

Also known as The Blue Blur
Speed Demon
True Blue
The Iblis Trigger
Big Blue
Blue Hedgehog
Blue Boy
Mister Sonic
“The Fastest Thing Alive”/The World’s Fastest Hedgehog
The Legendary Blue Hedgehog





100 cm (3′ 3″)


35 kg (77 lb.)


Old Mobotropolis




Cobalt Blue




Emerald Green


Light weight, hyper friction resistant red sneakers with a white strap cuffs
White gloves with sock-like cuffs


Jules (Father), Bernadette (Mother) and Chuck (Uncle)

Skills Super Speed – Able to achieve upwards of Mach 1 on his own

Figure-Eight Peel-Out – Sonic’s legs spin like an “8” and he rockets off at super speed.  His feet move so fast, he can hover in the air briefly.

Spin Dash – Sonic homes in on his target while curled into a concussive ball or cutting disk

Super Sonic – With seven Chaos Emeralds (or equivalent power), Sonic turns gold, invulnerable, and has his all his nature skills increased exponentially.

Ability type


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Ian Flynn is the writer of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe